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Estil can provide consultancy services to carry out the following:

Energy audits

Your electricity supply is both a powerful and yet expensive resource, so it only makes sense to ensure that your company is getting the best value for money for the energy it is using. Estil can carry out energy audits by completing the following:

         Analysing your electricity bill to ensure you are not paying over the odds for not just your kWh usage, but also that your maximum demand figure and capacity charges are not excessive and advising where savings can be made.

         Analysing power factor and advising where it is advisable to install power factor correction equipment to reduce maximum demand. Power factor correction equipment can also maximise the energy available from existing installations where supplies and power available is limited.

         Examining existing lighting to ensure what is installed is not only emitting the correct lighting levels for the areas being illuminated but is also energy efficient. Significant energy reduction and therefore cost savings can be made by installing energy efficient lighting.

Click here to download a pdf of a recent energy audit for energy efficient lighting

By assessing what you already have in place the potential savings that can be made can be staggering. The client that the above survey was carried out for had no idea his existing lighting was costing so much to run and he is shortly increasing production from 24 hours a day 5 days a week (as shown in the survey) to 24 hours a day 7 days a week so his savings will be even bigger.

Energy Negotiation

Estil have negotiated excellent savings for customers by using contacts within the energy supply industry.

Click here to download a pdf of a spreadsheet showing a recently negotiated deal for a large customer.


Estil can assist you when designing your project, our engineers are available to help and advise you.

Areas of expertise include:

         Arranging new electricity supplies (Both L.V & M.V) including negotiations with energy suppliers to get the best deal available.

         Designing internal energy distribution systems (L.V & M.V)  in both new and existing factories and commercial buildings.

         Assessing and advising on the upgrade of existing distribution systems and supplies.

         Advising and designing (if required) lighting schemes both internal and external including emergency lighting to BS 5266-1

         Advising and designing fire alarm systems to BS5839-1

         Our control systems division can advise on the installation of energy saving devices such as variable speed drives and intelligent programmable controller systems which can be specifically designed to suit the application.

Carbon Trust

Many of the energy saving solutions available on the market can be funded by interest free loans available from the Carbon Trust. Loans are available for energy saving items of equipment such as variable speed drives and energy saving lighting. Loans have criteria that have to be met in order for the company to qualify, but often these loans can help offset the initial capital outlay for the equipment and its installation against the savings that will be made.

Energy Savings and the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme.

From September 2010, every company with an electricity bill of more than 500,000.00 per annum must register for this scheme or potentially face being heavily fined. 

Companies who qualify for this scheme may be forced from April 2011 to buy carbon allowances from the government at a fixed price of 12 per tonne of CO2 produced.

Click here to download a pdf giving an introduction to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (2.4mb).




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